Hello all,

First off a big thanks to Buddy and all his helpers for the excellent roads they provide us with it is well worth the couple bucks to drive out and not be stuck. Also the old guy at Hillmans has helped me several times whether it was a spark plug, lighter, or some duct tape that put our trips through the years back on track after Murphy's law has bit us. Also I have found fish from that guys advice without a GPS. I fully reccomend this resort to anyone whom may question. Last year we had some bad luck with a four wheeler and Buddy came out to check on us when it got dark, that should say it all about Hillmans resort.

Now for the fishing, I was up last week before I started midnights and went off that new 6mile road and got one crappie and a bunch of small walleyes at dusk. I am not looking for hotspots, I do not have a gps but from what I read is people are having better luck going straight out to 14' at the end of the road instead of that new road. Can anyone else chime in? I have never fished way out there, usually stay at 5.7mile away from the city. I am taking my son and his friend tomorrow morning and would like to put them on some fish.

Thanks to all whom reply and good luck to all.